Tommy Robles established a martial arts career that has extended for over 20 years. He began training at the age of 13 at a local karate school, Samurai Connections, in his home town of Livermore, California. The style of karate he learned was a hybrid of Chinese Kenpo and Kajukenbo under the tutelage of Sigung James Halter. Tommy went through the ranks and became an instructor at the karate school at the age of 17. Involvements in tournament point sparring and fighting in general were a norm of this school, which helped Tommy form his own identity as a martial artist. After 7 years of training in karate, Tommy sought other martial knowledge. A few years studying and training in different arts left Tommy with a great appreciation of martial arts, but also left him with many questions. Not feeling satisfied, this led Tommy to accepting an invitation from his uncle, a Wing Chun expert, to visit a close friend of his – Felix Macias Jr.

Tommy knew little to nothing about what Felix did, but trusted his uncle’s reference. The first meeting with Felix was not what Tommy expected. Accustomed to martial arts studios, he was surprised to walk up to a house with an open garage door. He was even more surprised when he saw the different types of training apparatus inside. It was like nothing that he had ever seen before!

After an introduction with Felix, Tommy was asked to show what he would do if someone threw a punch at him. Felix threw the punch and Tommy reacted in his karate style that he knew. Felix responded with a “not bad” then went into his approach to the attack. That night Tommy knew that he found something special and was determined to learn all that he could from this Master.

Training in the garage over the years, Tommy gained a wealth of knowledge and skill, under Sifu Macias’ instruction. With invaluable one-on-one training sessions, they helped him mature in J.K.D. People from many different styles would come into the garage to learn this unique Way of the Intercepting Fist. As Tommy began seeing the gaps in other styles, each one proved to him that what he was learning was genuine J.K.D.

Diligent practicing in O.J.K.D. for the past fifteen years, Tommy began teaching the art he is passionate about.

Tommy is certified under Felix Macias Jr. in O.J.K.D. and is now ready to share the beauty of this “way” with any who are willing to learn.

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